Welcome to the official website of Chinese Undergraduate Students at Yale! 

CUSY is the official Yale student organization representing Chinese international students at Yale College (including students from Hong Kong and Macau S.A.R.s). Upon enrolling at Yale College, all Chinese passport holders (including those from Hong Kong and Macau S.A.R.s) are automatically granted CUSY memberships. CUSY is also an inclusive community, where all interested parties and individuals at Yale University are welcome. 

CUSY hosts regular cultural and social events. Its missions include but are not limited to presenting China and Chinese culture to Yale and New Haven communities, fostering connections within and beyond CUSY, and promoting cutting-edge intellectual exchanges with prominent speakers. Past events include fire-side chats with founder and CEO of Hillhouse Capital Management Group, current member of Yale Board of Trustees, Lei Zhang (’02 M.A. ’02 M.B.A.), and China’s First-Class Medal for Meritorious Service recipient, founder of Serve for China, Yuefei Qin (’11). 

Under the current leadership headed by President Yang, Hui (Class of 2019), CUSY has expanded to an unprecedented size and is growing ever more influential. CUSY has been and will continue to be dedicated to voicing the opinions and concerns of Chinese undergraduate students at Yale, inspiring cultural and scientific exchanges, and preparing its members and more to serve and strive for a better China.